Knowing precedes birth: the gift of transformation

 In honor of National Poetry Month, I am sharing a part of a poem I wrote in 1998, a year that Holy Week, the week before Easter, coincided with a full moon, a comet streaking through the sky, and the Spring equinox.  Struck by the activity in the cosmos all around us, and living as a single woman in a lovely small apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area, I reflected on the moment and its parallel to my own transformation at the time.

It was a time of deep change for me, of decisions to let go of some of the security I knew and ultimately to move to Hawaii where I knew no one.  I wanted to start a new part of my journey and create an organization dedicated to helping children through art, culture, and creative enrichment.  This poem, Holy Week, was a tribute to that process inside myself, mirrored in the sky above.

This week, Holy Week of 2017, I offer it in tribute to the transformations taking place everywhere.  Expectant.  Hands cupped open.

Knowing: the moment of transformation, of transfiguration, always comes.


Holy Week

So much movement in the sky

and inside me

Each week is Holy Week

Inner and outer landscapes merge

Full moon/ eclipsed

shading wholeness with a dark cloak

of Mystery

Comet streaking by

too fast to know

appears now


motionless before our

finite vision

Spring Equinox:

the veil is parted

as we move

with the Mysteries

from winter into



in this moment of

Divine equilibrium

Holy Week begins


by bodies of Light and Dark

moving through the sky

anchoring this moment

above our own

bodies of Light

and Dark

I enter the Mystery again

Dark and Light

move within me

anchored here

on the body

of this planet

Transfixed here

silent and still


I await

the moment of


of my own body

Arms outstretched

hands cupped

I await

the coming of my own


Knowing precedes


Emptiness precedes


Cupped and bare

I hold myself





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