The call of the sea and the power within us

“I am a girl who loves her island.  I am a girl who loves the sea.  It calls me…..” ~ From “Moana”

I saw the movie “Moana” recently.  From the first beat of the drums in the opening song I was transported.  For seven wonderful years I lived in Hawai’i and when the young girl Moana wandered toward the ocean in the opening scene, pulled by a power she could not understand but which drew her to touch the water and stand in awe of it, I was brought right back to my time on those amazing islands.

It has been almost 12 years since I left Hawai’i and I remember those years as a time that seemed blessed by something much larger than I had ever known.  I was truly drawn there by a power I didn’t understand but which pulled me with such a gentle, persistent force that I made the decision to move there when I was 32.  I moved to Oah’u without knowing a single person there, never having visited, and without a job.  It was truly a leap of faith and one which changed my life, as leaps like that often do.

Leap ahead to where I am now and those years seem like a dream, a time far away in another lifetime.  I carry the spirit of that time with me, though, and memories of it help me remember myself as part of something much larger, more ancient, and more mysterious than what life often seems to be through the movement of family life, work, and a very scheduled routine.

“But this I know.  It calls me….”

All of my life I have felt something calling me.  In my most peaceful moments, I feel as if I am in the direct presence of what calls me, whether it takes the form of the ocean waves or the deep silence in the middle of the night or a voice that comes from inside me, guiding and assuring me of the next steps to take.  One day I believe I will see the face of that which calls me, but this I know: it calls me to be a force for good, to “use my powers for good”.  It comes from some place in our vast universe of existence that brings a kind of deep power, compassion, wisdom, grace and joy which – I believe – is our true nature.

I began this blog because I find myself writing in my head all the time, and it finally seems time to bring it to an audience larger than myself.  The theme that runs through everything I write inside my thoughts is that we are made for something larger than what we see, that deep goodness lives inside of us, that we all have much more power than we understand, and that we are invited to use our powers for good.  Each time we do, what is best and most beautiful in and around us, in our personal lives and our world, grows.

I look forward to returning to Hawai’i whenever those islands call me back.  I feel as if they are an ancient home to my spirit.  My son was born there, on the island of Kaua’i, and one day we will visit those waters of his birth together, along with the rest of our family.  May we all feel the call of the water and the ancient spirits, reminding us of the ancient power that swirls inside each one of us, a power we must all use for good.



  1. I am so excited to read this, Michelle. Your words and voice will add so much to our world at this time when we all must search for doing the best that we can, together. Congratulations!

  2. Beautifully written. I’m so happy for you to begin this new journey. May God guide you in all your endeavors. Love you!

  3. I loved this Michelle! Hawaii holds the same power for me and I look forward to following your blog. It inspire me to put pen to paper again myself. I too am always writing in my head… Muah!

  4. When I was 16 I got kicked out of my house . . . to an island in British Columbia. It was a magical welcoming to myself. Islands have that way about them. Glad you found that magic and that you wrote about it so that I could touch back into that time of my life. The call of the ocean! I too loved Moana. My husband and I saw it–we didn’t even have the excuse of children to see it. Pure joy.

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