What are you being called to do?


This is one way I know I’m on the right track: I start to cry.

This past weekend I experienced three days of deep reflection, community building, inspiration, and relaxation.  I’ve just started LifeWorks through the Wings Seminars program of La Clinica, a 3-weekend, 3-month adventure of exploring next steps in this great journey of my life, making plans, and stepping into it in a community of fellow journeyers.

Here’s some of what happened for me.

We talked about all sorts of things, learned processes for clarifying thoughts, communicating clearly, and creating plans to achieve important goals.  Many parts of my life, my history, and my relationships floated through my mind, but one thing continually stopped me in my tracks.

Every time I started thinking about writing and about living a writer’s life, I instantly choked up and had to push back tears.  It became a source of laughter for me because it became so predictable.

Think of sitting down to write: choke up with tears.

Start to say that I’m excited to write blog posts and start on a piece of fiction that’s been bubbling in my mind for years: choke up with tears.

Talk about the creative writing classes I teach at my kids’ schools: choke up with tears.

Finally laugh because it becomes a Pavlovian cosmic joke speaking pretty darn clearly: just write, Michelle.  Just write!

So here I am, all choked up, laughing and happy as the words start to flow again.  I’ve been writing in my head, in journals, on typewriters and word processors (some of you will know what those are), on computers, on slips of paper and, yes, even on napkins, ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil.  Some years of my life have focused outwardly and have been so scheduled that writing had to take a back seat for a while.  But I happily find myself now able to start writing regularly again.  The words and tears are flowing together now, in a great big stream from the intuitive, creative universe all around us, and I’m ready.  And pretty happy about it.

I am starting this year ready to focus on one thing I can control, something that brings me joy and that I truly believe in: the creative power inside me.  It’s inside all of us and it’s one thing that can change our world and make it whatever we want it to be.  (And that timely idea will be a topic of another blog post, coming soon!)

Wipe tears.

Clear throat.

Pick up pen.


Do the thing that is calling you, that which is yours to do at this moment.  Do the thing that brings you joy.  Use your creative power – in whatever form it takes – for good.


  1. Love this. Love that you are writing again. I think it’s funny that we both published our blogs around the same time, after years of waiting. What are the odds of that? I know that Trump’s election set me free in some ways. I have been so afraid of hurting people, of saying the wrong thing. But if he can get elected? Maybe I can speak up, too. More than that… I can’t not speak. No more silence.

    1. So good to hear from you, Robin. What is the link to your blog site? Maybe we can share each other’s blog posts. Good to hear that you are sharing your wisdom in the world this way.

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